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3 words to describe yourself




How long have you been with us?

10+ years

His Story…

What are your hobbies and interests?

“I love playing sports, especially football. I even have a Football Coaching qualification”

Do you have another job or responsibility that runs alongside your role at Class Of Their Own?

“Yes! I am a Teaching Assistant in a Primary School in the mornings and I also volunteer with East Sussex Fire and Rescue.”

What makes you stay at Class Of Their Own?

“A fantastic team of people! The colleagues that I work with are so much fun and make the session enjoyable for everyone. The children that I get to meet are also fantastic, it’s great to get to know their personalities and watch them develop and grow over the year”

How have you changed/developed since being at Class Of Their Own?

“I joined Class Of Their Own as a Play Leader with hardly any experience and loved it instantly. It’s such a fun way to spend an afternoon and you get paid for it! Over the years I’ve gained so much confidence in my ability to work with children and I was supported to progress firstly to an Assistant Club Co-ordinator role and then onto running my own Club as a Club Co-ordinator before becoming part of the Management Team and taking on the role of Service Delivery Co-ordinator with the responsibility of looking after 5 of our 14 Clubs. Class Of Their Own have a fantastic training programme that has helped me to gain nationally recognised qualifications in Playwork as well as providing training in many other areas to help my professional development”

What is your favourite part of the job and why?

“I love the fact that every day is different. Working with children you never know what you expect and no matter how long you’ve been working with them you can never predict what they’re going to say! I also love that my work with children has a positive impact and you can see at home time how much fun they’ve had as they often don’t want to leave!”

Ready to start?

Apply today If you possess the following...

Caring, Committed, Nurturing

Williness to be flexible

Creative & Innovative

Friendly with good
communication skills

Have a play focus

Fun, energy & enthusiasm

Lots of Ideas

Great team working ability

What we offer

You will be working as part of a team, within the Club, to ensure each child and their family receives a high quality and consistent experience.

Fun, Friendly Working Environment

Our clubs are not just fun for children, they're great fun for the team too!


Excellent Training

We offer industry training, led in-house by our expert trainers.


Ofsted Outstanding clubs

The majority of our clubs are rated Outstanding by Ofsted. Leading the way in excellance.

Free Childcare

Parents/Carers working in our clubs can use our clubs for free when you work.

Career Progression

Many of our Club Co-ordinators  (Managers) were promoted internally.


Looking to break into childcare? Start an apprenticeship with us.

Company Events & Awards

We have several events throughout the year, as well as an annual awards ceremony to recognise outstanding team members.



We will pay for you to get your DBS check, so you are eligible to work in club.



We appreciate 'real life' and other commitments can cause head aches. We always try and work with you to be as flexible as possible.

Ready to get started?

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Safeguarding Policy
Class Of Their Own are committed to the paramount care, safety and protection of each child attending our Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs. We expect all team members and volunteers to share this safeguarding commitment.